1182 Blog 2 Turn up your Nose at the Industrial Revolution

The Chinese resisted the Industrial Revolution. They considered most of what was produced to be of little value. Unfortunately for them, they got rolled by European nations whose industrial militaries utterly wasted China in 19th Century conflicts.

Ironically, today vast quantities of industrial trinkets erupt from Chinese factories every second. The world is awash in products from China…that Chinese 200 years ago would have found disgusting.

It’s easy to understand how China once felt. There are times when the modern world is gross and dehumanizing. You are going to eliminate a technology that you think has ultimately subtracted from the human experience.

I focused on 15th Century European ships that were fast and maneuverable. They inspired Europeans to explore first and then colonize. The West is still attempting to burn off the karma of imperialism.

This is a communal post. You and your two partners will work together. Focus on an innovation that undermined human existence.

Person 1 will research the history of the innovation. They’ll then write a narrative about how and why this thing came to be. They must also talk about why it’s such a problem.

Person 2 will speculate about how life would be better without this annoyance. They’ll then write a narrative about an improved existence.

Person 3 will build a comic like I did on imperialism. You may draw it, or use this awesome platform:  http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/

I suggest creating a shared Google Doc. Everyone contributes and then you all can copy and paste it into your own blog post


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