1182 Brazilian Cultural Fair

To appreciate Brazil, one must experience Brazil. We’re going to create a bit of Brazil here in Central Ohio. Allow your inner-Brazilian to emerge! Regardless of which prompt you choose, you must include images or video on your post (20 points) and at least one paragraph about what your creation says about Brazilian culture (20 points). For this post, you have 5 choices:


  1. Samba Demonstration:

Below are links to 3 short videos which teach basic samba moves. Your job:

  • Teach this dance to someone
  • Create a video that demonstrates you and your student dancing together to samba music highlighting the basic moves







A great samba song to play in the background:



  1. Capoeira Demonstration:

Demonstration Video:


  • Research Capoeira’s basic moves and origins
  • Create a video where you describe then demonstrate this martial art


  1. Mural, Graffiti Art, or Collage:

The Brazilians love to decorate structures. Whether it’s the favelas of Rio, or the impressive public buildings in Brasilia, they cannot resist placing their mark on a blank wall. For inspiration, check out this brief video on a beautiful mural created for the Olympics.


Here’s an article about this amazing mural:


You have 3 choices for this prompt:


  1. Brasilia Architecture Review:

Select a structure in Brasilia from the article below:


Address the following prompts in your post:

  • Describe the structure
  • Highlight important design elements
  • Indicate what these elements mean
  • Indicate what this structure says about architecture in Brazil


  1. Create a Brazilian Dish:

Select one of the recipes from the article below:

Create a photo or video diary of the creation of this dish. Also, write a paragraph of how the dish was received and what it says about Brazilian culture.

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