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Me on top of Grays Peak, Colorado June, 2015. The peak is a Colorado 14er. It tops out at 14,200′ . It was about 40 degrees on the top. A brutal workout, and one of the best days of my life!

Hello! My name is Jim Sturtevant and it’s my great honor to teach you young people this semester! I LOVE THIS CLASS! Teaching World Civ 1181, at this point in my career, has been like a magnificent dessert at the end of a savory meal.


I love my job, but I rarely say, “I’m a teacher.” Instead, I say, “I teach!” It’s a subtle but important difference. My job does NOT define me. I’ve got great genes and will probably live for many years. A 31-year stint in the classroom will represent about a third of my existence. Believe me, I’ll share a lot of my life experiences with you. Perhaps, they’ll inspire you!

That’s not to say I don’t love this wonderful profession…I DO! Students have enriched my life. Some have transformed me!


Compliments of Kory Boyd Class of 2011


The part I like best is forging relationships with awesome young people. I expressed this passion in my book “You’ve Gotta Connect” which was published in 2014.


I’ve lived in Delaware County for a number of years. My wife, Penny, is the Middle School principal. Our children, Jason, David, and Maria, all went to Big Walnut. And our family just welcomed our first little grandchild Kaia.

It’s such honor to teach this class!

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