1182 Blog 3 Industrial Revolution Reading

“The Earth and Its People”

Pages 562 -588

The Industrial Revolution is a topic that may be quite familiar to you. For this longish section of the reading…we’re going to divide and conquer! Each group of 3 will be responsible for a concept. Here are your choices:

  1. Enclosure Movement
  2. Mass Production
  3. Wedgwood
  4. British Textiles
  5. Steam Engine
  6. Telegraph
  7. Railroad
  8. Laissez Faire
  9. Mercantilism
  10. The Communist Manifesto
  11. Muhammad Ali
  12. The Nemesis

Once you have your concept, research it in the text and online. Just like on the test, you must be able to explain to your peers:

  • Describe
  • Context
  • Significance

This explanation will be a communal blog post. You and your partners will each master one of the bullets from above! Make certain to contextualize your concept in the Industrial Revolution. To communicate this concept to the greater class, we will use two vehicles:

  • A wonderful image produced on Canva
  • A voice-over sound file below each image. This voice-over should explain the concept and the image!


Your communal blog post should be comprised of 3 images and 3 sound files:



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