The Taoist Walk

Taoism is all about finding the way or Tao. This could be discovered through contemplation, or just stop trying to force everything. One aspect of Taoism is harmony with nature. To be in harmony with nature, one has to be in tune. This is accomplished through using your senses in a non-judgmental way. When you are in nature, you need to listen, smell, look, feel, and keep your mind still and wide open. There is a whole subtle world that exists without your awareness.


These are may apple plants decaying and dying in the woods behind my house. I hope I turn beautiful colors before I die!

Today, we are going to ignite our awareness. We are going to take a slow, conscience walk on our beautiful cross country course. We will walk at the same pace keeping 20 yards behind and 20 yards ahead of our classmates. While on this walk, suspend judgment and labels.  Also, refrain from talking. Open your senses and don’t disturb others. Experience the course for the first time. It is a gorgeous late summer day. Allow nature to come alive and teach you. Embrace the Tao!

Consider the following prompts during the walk, and then record your reflections on the back when you return:

  1. What was the most powerful sensation during the walk?
  2. Had you ever been on this path behind the school? If so, did you experience it differently this time?  If not, what was your impression of the walk?
  3. What did you hear on the walk?
  4. What did you smell on the walk?
  5. What did you think on the walk?
  6. How did you feel on the walk?
  7. How can this experience be compared to Taoism?

Also…include an image with a caption in your post. Preferably, capture a moment from the walk!

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