1182 Post #1…Morph a photo into a Chinese Landscape

Job 1:¬†Select an interesting landscape image. If you already have one on your phone…GREAT! If not, go capture an image. If there are any people or animals in this image, make certain they’re minimal. They should NOT be the focus. Make certain to add a description of your image in a caption which informs the viewer¬†about the picture.

Good morning Winter Solstice. The scene behind Big Walnut High School early on the morning of December 20, 2016.

Job 2: Download Prizma, which is a photo editor. You can upload photos right from your phone and then alter them. The filter we’re going to use is WAVE. Here’s what it looks like:

Job 3: Morph your photo into a Chinese landscape!

My dreamy landscape


Oak Leaf Debris in a Snowbank

Image WAVED in Prisma

Job 4: Apply these 3 prompts, which are similar to the ones you applied to the original source images in your text. Compose a narrative comprised of responses to the prompts and post it with your images!

  • How would you describe the inner spirit of nature in your image?
  • What message does your image communicate about humanity’s relationship to the natural world?
  • Why did you select this image…aside from it being interesting?

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