1181 In the Moment…will Help you Live in the Moment

Buddhism promotes the idea of being in the moment. You need to be where you are…who you’re with…and present with what you’re doing! Technology CAN be a problem. If you ignore your surroundings because you’re buried in your phone, you’re not being present.

Here’s a tool to help you monitor your presentness (I just invented this word.) The average American spends a whooping 4.7 hours on their phones. Let’s take the next few days and monitor our phone usage. The Inthemoment App measures your screen time daily. I’ve wracked up more time daily than I like to admit:

In fairness to your humble teacher…March 31st was my birthday, so I was on my phone a lot! Now it’s your turn.

Task 1: Download theĀ Inthemoment App.

Task 2: Track your phone use till Friday.

Task 3: Create a post that chronicles your experience. Include an image which helps you communicate your feeling about your phone use.

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